IPL 2017 Wiki, IPL 2017 Schedule, IPL 2017 Live Streaming, IPL 2017 Teams

IPL 2017 (IPL 2017 Wiki, IPL 2017 Schedule, IPL 10 Live Streaming, IPL 2017 Teams, IPL 2017 auction, IPL 2017 Start Date, IPL10, IPL10 Live Score)

IPL 2017

IPL 2017

With 2K17 swearing in, latest buzz in the New Year is all around and about the VIVO IPL 2017. The largest cricket extravaganza will once again arrive to entertain the cricket lovers and fans. Since the talks are still on and the actual dates are not known, to check regular updates fans can check on IPL 2017 Wiki. Besides this, checkout here an overview of all what you need to know about the tenth season of the Indian Premier League.

Apart from this cricket fans have already started to check out for the tickets to be the part of all the IPL 2017 Highlights. But if you cannot make it to the event then also there is a possible solution. What is just needed is a well connected internet connection with the appropriate devices. By this the cricket fans can download IPL 2017 Highlights videos and enjoy the mega event sitting back at their own place without any hassles. Cricket fans just need to click on the link mentioned and download the videos for Indian Premier League 2017.


IPL 2017 Schedule

It’s the governing council of Indian Premier League that decides on IPL 2017 Schedule. Viewing the previous year’s scenario, the IPL 2017 Schedule is also estimated to go from April 2017 to May 2017. As per the schedule there will be a total of 72 matches that will be played throughout the season.

Further as per the IPL 10 Schedule various venues across India have been set up for the matches to be played. These include Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Mohali, Pune, Jaipur and various others. So wherever the fans are IPL itravelingng all across the country and bound to give an unmatched experience to its fans.

IPL 10 Live Streaming

For the convenience of cricket fans, concerned authorities have arranged for IPL 10 Live Streaming. There will be live broadcasting of all the matches on Sony Set Max and Sony Six in India and round the world. Apart from this IPL 2017 Live Streaming will be done online on Stars Sports Network and Hotstar app. These are online and digital streaming partner of this season’s Indian Premier League. They will make the show reach to audience and so you can enjoy viewing your favorite team playing while popping in some popcorn. Live streaming has made the FIFA fever grow even higher as no one has to miss the match no matter what. Running on the same line, this time also IPL 10 Live Streaming is expected to entertain the cricket fans and make the event reach a larger base.


IPL 2017 Teams

There are a total of eight IPL 2017 Teams that will compete to lift IPL trophy of the season. Here are all the eight IPL 2017 Teams participating in the biggest cricket league.

  • Mumbai Indians
  • Rising Pune Supergiants
  • Kolkata Knight Riders
  • Delhi Daredevils
  • Kings XI Punjab
  • Gujrat Lions
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad

The first match will be played between Mumbai Indians and Rising Pune Supergiants. These eight teams are bound to play against each other in different matches and go through different rounds. There will be a final match between two teams that will reach the finals after crossing each hurdle or round.

IPL 10 Auction

IPL 2017 Auction is one of the most exciting things that fans are looking forward to. This year also Richard Madley would commemorate the IPL 2017 Auction in his excellent british accent that is loved by one and all. A total of eight teams will be participating in the auction to get in the best players for them.  Further the IPL 10 Auction is estimated to be held in Bangalore on 4th Feb 2017. Besides this various teams have released their big stars also. These include Pieterson, Dale Steyn, Morne Morkel, Eoin Morgan, and Jason Holder.

Though IPL 2017 auction are still a long way to go, respective selectors and teams must have decided whom to retain and whom to release. The buzz is that prices for this season’s auction will rise to an all time high than previous seasons. So all in all it is bound to be a mega event with finest players in each of the team competing with each other to lift the IPL 2017 trophy. Rest updates regarding the auction will turn up in latest news as and when it comes along the way. Besides this the venue is not yet decided by the authorities. On an estimate 140 cricketers including 44 overseas players will be the part of IPL 2017 franchise who will auction to be in the respective teams.

IPL 2017 Start Date

Are you looking for the IPL 2017 Start Date? It will be starting from the third of April to 26th of May 2017. Knowing the IPL 2017 Start Date, it is also essential that you know the right timings. The IPL 2017 matches will start either from 4:00pm or 8:00pm. As now you know all the information regarding IPL 10 Start Date and timings, so whether at home or at the venue you can come at right time by not missing even a single match of the season.

IPL 10

IPL 10 to be held this year is basically known as the VIVO IPL 2017. IPL 10 is sponsored by VIVO this year and thereby the name is justified. The sponsorship for IPL 10 was given to VIVO after the concerned authorities got it from Pepsi and terminated the contract with it. Besides this as we know there are eight teams in total but like last year former IPL champions Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royal will not participate in the tournament till this year. In their place another two teams that have been selected and can be seen at IPL 2017 opening ceremony include Gujarat Lions (Rajkot) & Rising Pune Supergiants.


Furthermore this year also the league will kick start with IPL 2017 opening ceremony at a major level. All the teams will be there for the ceremony and thereby flagging off the grand cricket event.

Apart from this here are some details about the matches that will be played in IPL 10

  • The first match will be played between IPL 5 winner Kolkata Knight Riders and Delhi Daredevils.
  • The inaugural as well as the final match of IPL 10 will be hosted by Eden Gardens itself.
  • Throughout the IPL 10 championship, there will be a total of 72 matches that will be played.
  • The rounds that will decide the teams for final match will include 1st Qualifier round, an eliminator Round and 2nd Qualifier Round followed by the Final match.
  • The qualifier as well as the eliminator round will be held on 21 and 22 May that will be hosted by M.A. Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai. Further the 2nd Qualifier Round would be on 24th of May and is scheduled for Eden Gardens, Kolkata.

IPL 2017 Live Score

IPL 2017 Live score can be seen by you while live streaming of the videos. There will well light scoreboards that will display the IPL 2017 Live Score. There are commentators designated for the same who will announce the scores timely to ensure that audience is able to hear and know all the IPL 10 Live score conveniently.

Further the IPL 2017 Live Score is based on the points table where the scores for match are shown. The rankings or numbers given for IPL 2017 Points Table will be purely on the basis of game played by various teams. The team with highest score will have its place at top of the table. Simultaneously the team having lowest score will be placed at the end of IPL 2017 Points Table. There are two points awarded for each of the matches that are won by the respective teams. Furthermore there is one point given under the IPL 2017 Points Table if the match comes with no result or if there is a tie. And more obviously if the match is lost then zero points are given.

Also the IPL 10 Live Score can also be seen through various notifications on Web, social media or other online platforms. Also there are facilities started by telecom companies that offer facilities for SMS alerts for live scores of the matches. So in any way you can easily avail the scores at the comfort of your place.

Thereby with Sunrisers Hyderabad emerging as a winner for 2016, cricket lovers are looking forward to IPL 2017 schedule. Being one of the greatest domestic crickets in India the IPL matches are as popular among the adults as the kids. So hurry up as the Indian Premier League is already round the corner. Get tickets booked so that you don’t miss any of the matches of your favorite teams.








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